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Disney's Epcot®


Walt Disney World® - Epcot - Spaceship Earth and Monorail System

Walt Disney World® - Epcot - Spaceship Earth and Monorail System

Walt Disney World® - Epcot - Spaceship Earth and Monorail System

Walt Disney World® - Epcot - Spaceship Earth and Monorail System

Orlando, Florida

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Experience the wonders of the world around you through interactive experiences, spectacular shows, and thrilling rides!  There is nowhere else on Earth that you can travel inside the human body, walk with the dinosaurs, design your own roller coaster, dance a Polka in Germany, and learn Japanese Origami all before lunchtime!  Explore the world in a day from the art, architecture, and culture of other countries in the World Showcase, to the history of mankind in Spaceship Earth.


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Turtle Talk with Crush!

Get discount Disney tickets to see Crush.

Yo, Dude, come check out this totally cool interactive show. Go under the sea and have a conversation with Crush in his digital underwater world. The 152-year-old sea turtle from the Disney presentation of Pixar's "Finding Nemo" chats, jokes and even recognizes Guests. This is a first-of-its-kind live, real-time animated show you have to see to believe. It's soooo awesome!


Get discount Disney tickets to see Soarin'.

Take a free-flying adventure across the natural wonders of the Golden State aboard this thrilling Disney's California Adventure™ park attraction. With the wind in your hair, glide 40 feet in the air as you look down upon the breathtaking vistas of Yosemite and redwood forests. Soar as high as your imagination over a world of wonders.



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Future World

1. Spaceship Earth
Take a classic ride through the world of communication.
2. Universe of Energy, Ellen's Energy Adventure
Laugh you way back through time with Ellen DeGeneres.
3. Wonders of Life
Open seasonally.
Body Wars
Jet through the human body on a thrill ride that really gets your hart pounding.
Cranium Command
Catch a cool show that's sure to go to your head.  It's all about the brain.
4. Mission: Space®
Feel the full force of a space launch as you blast off on the most intense thrill ride in any Disney Park.
Advanced Training Lab
Enter the Space Race and see who can rocket back to earth first.  Junior astronauts, burn off some energy in a futuristic maze at the Space Base.
5. Test Track
Face the rigors of a real automotive proving ground as you zoom through nearly an entire mile of action.
6. Innovations East & West
Get hands-on with the latest technology.
7. Living Seas
Voyage deep to the ocean floor to discover incredible creature and one of the largest man-made ocean environments anywhere.
8. The Land
Living with the Land

Sail through the marvels of nature into working greenhouses and a real fishery.
9. Soarin'TM
You can fly! Take a wing over breathtaking vistas.
10. Imagination!
Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Join Figment and let your imagination soar on a journey through all your senses.
Honey, I Shrunk the Audience
Shrink down to the size of a flea in a hilarious 3-D adventure.

World Showcase

11. Illuminations: Reflection of Earth
Be dazzled by this nightly symphony of music, lasers, and fireworks.
12. Mexico
El Rio del Tiempo
Cruise away on a cultural voyage down the river of time.
13. Norway

Sail the fjords of Viking explorers; be sure to look out for the tricky trolls.
14. China
Reflections of China

Discover the mysterious East in Circle-Vision 360.
15. Germany
Dine in the renowned Biergarten, shop for unique gifts or just catch a traditional German musical performance.
16. Italy
Sample tempting wines, dine in style and browse through shops with all the charm of Venice.
17. U.S.A.
The American Adventure

Join Ben Franklin and Mark Twain in a patriotic classic.
18. Japan
Explore a wondrous gallery, shop for everything from toys to bonsai trees or delight to authentic cuisine, like sushi.
19. Morocco
Discover the secrets of this ancient land with a flavor-filled adventure through Moroccan food, culture and art.
20. France
Impressions de France

Take in this visual celebration of the French countryside.
21. United Kingdom
Check out an all-time favorite filled with good food, good fun and good times.
22. Canada
O Canada!

See the sheer beauty of Canada in stunning Circle-Vision 360.
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Disney 3Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket
Disney 4 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket
Disney 5 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket
Disney 6 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket
Disney 7 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket

Disney Base Tickets are the most popular tickets as the parks offer more than one day of fun.  Additional features are available such as no expiration, park hopping and water park fun.  Contact us with your Disney vacation questions and we can help with all your plans!


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