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Disney's Animal Kingdom®

Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park    

 Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park - Kilimanjaro Safari

Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park - Kilimanjaro Safari

Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park - Kilimanjaro Safari

Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park - Kilimanjaro Safari

Orlando, Florida

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Have you ever wanted to visit the wilds of Asia or Africa?  Well, now is your chance to go on safari and have close encounters with exotic creatures of the rainforest, savannah, and desert.  Once your safari is over, try stepping back in time and go one-on-one with animals of the past in Dinoland where they are all teeth, scales, and claws!  Join classic Disney characters as they share their favorite animal buddies with you through hands-on encounters, wild rides, and inspiring shows!  After this safari you’ll finally be able to answer that one nagging question:  What is a red-legged Seriema anyway?!


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Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Legend holds that high in the Himalayan Mountains lives an enormous creature that fiercely guard the route to Mount Everest.

Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Take on the treacherous terrain of the towering Forbidden Mountain in this high-altitude, high-speed train adventure! Nail-biting hairpin turns hurl you forward toward the peak and then, just when you think it couldn't get more thrilling — backward! The mountain's full of surprises: Beware the snarling beast who watches over his domain… the Yeti!

Now that legend comes dramatically to life at Disney's Animal Kingdom in a new high-speed train adventure that combines coaster-like thrills with the excitement of a close encounter of the hairy kind.  At nearly 200 feet high, Expedition Everest will be located in the Asia section of the theme park.  Expedition Everest will feature Disney's FASTPASS.


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1. The Oasis Exhibits
Look out for the giant anteater and other exotic creatures.

Camp Minnie-Mickey

2. Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends
Discover the natural animal wonders of North America.
3. Festival of the Lion King
Be part of the show along with Timon, Simba and all their pals in this breathtaking, fun-filled celebration of the circle of life.
4. Greeting Trails
Meet Mickey, Minnie and their pals.

Discovery Island®

5. It's Tough to be a Bug!®
View the world through bug eyes in this hilarious 3-D show inspired by the Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film, A Bug's Life.
6. Tree of Life®
Explore the artistry of this grand symbol, its trunk hand-carved with over 300 intricate animal images.  Can you find them all?
7. Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade
See some favorite Disney pals on a crazy caravan of fun.


8. Kilimanjaro Safaris®
Set off on safari across 110 acres of rolling savannah filled with freely roaming animals.
9. Pangani Forest Exploration Tail®
Enjoy surprises around every turn, from gorillas to underwater hippos!

Rafiki's Planet Watch®

10. Wildlife Express Train
Hop a rustic train to and from Rafiki's Planet Watch.
11. Habitat Habit!
See the amazing animals and cool sights of this outdoor discovery trail.
12. Conservation Station®
Take a peek at everything from veterinary care to global environmental involvement.
13. Affection Section
Get up-close and personal with friendly animals in this petting yard.


14. Flights of Wonder
Let your imagination take flight as birds of all kinds astound you.
15. Kali River Rapids®
Get soaked on a white-water ride through turbulent rapids.
16. Maharajah Jungle Trek®
Venture through winding paths where tigers prowl, giant bats fly and real dragons live.

Dinoland U.S.A.®

17. The Boneyard®
Slip, slither, climb and crawl through this prehistoric play place.
18. TarzanTM Rocks!
Join the lord of the apes in a swinging stunt-filled musical performance.
19. Primeval Whirl®
Spin and twist your way through time on this uniquely wacky and whimsical spinning roller coaster.
20. Tricera Top Spin
Fly the skies on a friendly Triceratops.
Jump in your time rover for a blast through meteors and ferocious predators on your mission to save the last dinosaur.
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Disney 3Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket
Disney 4 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket
Disney 5 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket
Disney 6 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket
Disney 7 Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket

Disney Base Tickets are the most popular tickets as the parks offer more than one day of fun.  Additional features are available such as no expiration, park hopping and water park fun.  Contact us with your Disney vacation questions and we can help with all your plans!


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